For many people in the world it is hardly imaginable, but talented and motivated youths in Sierra Leone are not able to build a successful future. Simply due to a lack of financial means. Regardless of their personal qualities and motivation, they are not able to obtain an education. As a consequence, youth are not able to find meaningful employment. Without a job, young people do not generate income for themselves or their families and their larger communities.

It’s even more frustrating knowing that Sierra Leone has a high demand for skilled vocational workers. Sierra Leone needs skilled young local workers as much as young people need to have jobs. Schooling for Life only funds vocational education and in addition, only vocations that are relevant for the job market.

Therefore, once a student enrolls within the Schooling for Life programme, the student chooses his/her own study. Schooling for Life will then assist the student to find the appropriate educational institute of the highest quality available. Schooling for Life will pay for the full tuition and additional educational costs of all selected students.