Dear visitor, Schooling for Life has closed its office and operations in Sierra Leone.
Unfortunately, this means that there will be no further student applications for the Skills for a Successful Future programme.
On this website you can find information on what we have done so far.
We thank you for your interest in Schooling for Life.

The Schooling for Life management”

In 2008, the founder of Schooling for Life conducted research on the future prospects of youth in Sierra Leone. Based on this research, the Skills for a Successful Future programme was created: a unique programme that offers a combination of scholarships for vocational education, practical and social skills training activities and personal mentoring.


Education stimulates self-development, increases self-reliance and fights poverty. Every young person has the right to education and self-development to its fullest potential, in order to build a stable future for him/herself and eventually his/her society.


Schooling for Life aims to support young and talented Sierra Leonean youth in the fulfillment of their right to education and self-development.