Personal guidance

The founder of Schooling for Life’s research carried out in 2008 shows that in Sierra Leone there is a serious lack of personal guidance for youth. Both the youth and stakeholders involved in this research indicated this gap. They also agreed that this lack of personal guidance forms a great obstacle for Sierra Leonean youth to achieve their goals in life. That is why Schooling for Life considers the personal guidance component to be an essential part for the programme to be successful.

The personal guidance will be given to each student, a half hour per student per week. During the first mentoring session, students will be asked to develop personal goals. These goals will be developed throughout the year. Students will also be assisted and stimulated to tackle problems that occur throughout their studies. The aimed result will be that students have learned to develop and obtain their own goals and therefore leave the programme with higher self-esteem and confidence.


An important part of the personal guidance focuses on the transition from educational to professional life. Even successfully completing formal education, combined with practical and social skills gained through the life and skills training programme, do not guarantee a successful future. That is why Schooling for Life will offer the students the possibility to do internships during their studies, wherein education and practical experience come together. The students will be actively guided in finding suitable internships.

Schooling for Life aims to make the transition from student to professional life as easy as possible. By preparing the student for life after school through internships, personal guidance and training and formal education, the Schooling for Life graduate will be able to successfully participate in his/her society, make a positive contribution to his/her family and additionally to his/her larger community.