Education stimulates self-development, increases self-reliance and fights poverty.
Every young person has the right to education and self-development to its fullest potential, in order to build a stable future for him/herself and eventually his/her society.


Schooling for Life aims to support young and talented Sierra Leonean youth in the fulfillment of their right to education and self-development.

Skills for a Successful Future Programme

Our programme is designed specifically upon local research carried out in 2008 (which can be found here) and 2012, and is thus upon local demand.

The programme consists of three essential pillars and each pillar is complementary to the others. Combined, they will offer the students the skills for a successful future.

A. Scholarships
B. Employability Skills training
C. Personal Guidance

Aims and Objectives

The young people of Sierra Leone lack the possibility to become self-providing members of their society, both economically and socially. This is why it is so important that they are given the possibility to develop themselves, to become active and successful members of their society.

Schooling for Life aims to grant motivated young people the tools to build a successful professional and social future, and in doing so, aims to contribute to a more stable Sierra Leone. In order to reach these goals, Schooling for Life has developed a programme based upon local research and thus upon local demand.

Objectives of the programme:

  • Students successfully complete their formal vocational education;
  • Upon completion of the programme:
    • students have acquired WASCE level on several basic skills, such as English reading and writing, and math;
    • students are capable of self-reflection;
    • students have a job, or at least bright perspectives of getting a job;
    • students are able to take care of themselves independently.
  • The programme will become a hallmark of qualified personnel in Sierra Leone within five years after the implementation. Subsequently, the popularity of the programme will grow, which in turn will lead to more students and local trainers participating and local companies investing.