Schooling for Life was founded by Sjierly Pereira in February 2012. When Sjierly was in Sierra Leone in 2008 for her Master research about the future prospects of youth living there, she finalised her research period by carrying out a small-scale fundraiser back home to be able to pay for the school fees and other materials for the youth that had participated in her research.

The stories she had heard from the youth and the stakeholders had touched her so much that when she came home, she decided to create a programme based on all the information she had gathered. The programme had to help youth in Sierra Leone achieve a brighter future than they currently see before them. Sjierly wrote a programme that faces the three biggest challenges for youth in Sierra Leone today; access to education, lack of professionally focused (social) skills as well as great deficiency in personal guidance.

By combining scholarships for vocational education with practical and social skills training activities, and personal guidance, the youth will be given both professional and social skills. Furthermore, the personal guidance will enforce their confidence and support them throughout the whole process. Schooling for Life will contribute to a life that all youth worldwide have a right to; one that gives youth the opportunity to develop themselves and helps them achieve the goals they strive for.