Class of 2015-2016

Alieu Bangura

IMG_0414_ALIEUBANGURAMy name is Alieu Bangura, I am 21 years of age, and I am an I.T. student in Schooling for Life. Some interesting things that I love most are reading books, watching movies and playing football. The most important thing is that Schooling for Life has helped me greatly, because I have never taught of going back to school, because of financial support.

I know with the help of this program, I will be able to become someone in society. The past years people see me as a dropout student, as for now they are admiring me. I strongly believe that with the help of this program, I will become one of the best qualified graduates in I.T.

Alimamy Sesay

IMG_0379_AlimamySesayClass Prefect
My name is Alimamy Sesay and I am 23 years old. I sat my WASCE examination in 2012 with a result of four credits and a pass. My favorite subject is English language. I like social activities and my favorite game is football. Right now, I am a student of the Schooling for Life scholarship programme. I choose to study information technology. I would love to study this course because it is very much important, marketable and useful in our daily life. I am proud to be part of this training programme because I have learned a lot already and had a lot of experiences and I am ready to achieve more in order to live up to the expectation of my family and my country. Already I have learned about moral values; how to up hold your values which will lead you to success and happiness. Also, I have learned about positive change; in order to change the society, this change must start with me.

Aminata Dorwie

Aminata DorwieHi, my name is Aminata Dorwie. I was born on 19 April 1990, I am a Sierra Leonean. I want to study Nursing in this program. And I want a positive change, a change that can make reduce the poverty in my family. So Schooling for Life can help me with their support and quality education.

After the program, I want to be the kind of person who will take up responsibilities. I want to be valuable in my society, and place of work.

Harry Cole

Harry ColeI am Harry Cole, a Sierra Leonean by nationality. I am a very diligent and obedient person. Academically, I am a very active and attentive person as well. I am a student of Schooling for Life [SfL]. I have been enrolled into the program to study Information Technology [I.T] as my career course in the future. Actually, I am very happy about the organization’s performance because it has really come to help those that are ready to help themselves in Sierra Leone. The organization is really helping me with a lot of important things such as building my confidence, responsibilities etc. I am thankful for this, hope to learn more from the organization to help me fight against difficulties.

Morlai Turay

Morlai TurayMy name is Morlai Turay; I am twenty-one years old and a Sierra Leonean by nationality. The opportunity of gaining a scholarship from the organization makes me proud and special. The thing I love most in the programme is the personal guidance, because it teaches me to be an open minded person and gives me strength on how to build up my mechanical studying skill. Being in the programme it gives me a continuous studying of various subjects (mathematics, English and computer training etc) that can help me develop my thinking and researching skill and the construction of grammar. I choose to study mechanics in the programme because I want to know and understand the building of a vehicle with the use of engines, tires and breaks. And I have been an admirer on the cause for its movement from one spot to the order. After studying I will love to go on an internship, which will give me the chance of becoming a better mechanic and strengthen my responsibility in society.

Abibatu Mansaray

Abibatu Mansaray Deputy Prefect
Hi, my name is Abibatu Mansaray. I am a Sierra Leonean. I am twenty three years. I attended the Baptist secondary school. My ambition is to become a State Registered Nurse in the future.

I want Schooling for Life to help me to become an assertive person in life. I would like to be a good citizen, and have the power to express myself. And to stand for what is right and also to help change my people in a positive way. I know with the help of Schooling for Life I can do it.

Agnes Sogbor

Agnes SogborMy name is Agnes Sogbor. I am 25 years old. I am a student of the Schooling for Life programme. With the help of Schooling for Life I am going to overcome my fear of sharing my problems and making friends. These are the difficulty that I was facing in life. I was afraid that when I tell my problem to someone it will be embarrassing or it will no longer be a secret but I was wrong. I have learnt that sharing my difficulty will bring solution to my problem and also making new friend will be very important for me in life and in the future. So I believe that I am going to achieve these goals. Schooling for Life has given me the opportunity to study the course of my choice and that course is Secretarial Studies. I would like to work after I have completed my studies.

Aiah M. Borway

Aiah M. BorwayI am Aiah M. Borway. I am twenty five years old. I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality and maninka by tribe. I was born in Koidu town, Kono district, Eastern province. I am in Schooling for Life to study building construction. I hope that, after gaining the technical experience, I will be able to become a contractor or an architect. Being in the organization, is also a way forward in making my life successful for a better future. I am very proud of Schooling for Life, to chose me in, amongst many applicants. I believed that going through my course, I can make a better positive change in my future life. It is an opportunity in my life to be in the program and at the end of my achievement, I would be an expert in my field of work. If I want to gain knowledge or education, I have to be patient and hard working.

Sylvester Mansaray

Sylvester MansarayMy name is Sylvester Mansaray. I am Mende by tribe and a Sierra Leonean. After my Secondary Education I sat for two years because my parents were unable to afford my University fees. I came in contact with Schooling for Life program in September 2014. And their aims and objectives is to support students that are between the ages of 15 -25 and whose their parents or guardians cannot afford their School fees. I went through all the processes and am now a student of Schooling for Life Program. My motive of being in this program is to study Information Technology (I.T) and it was always my life long dream, and when I came in contact with Schooling for Life I saw this as an opportunity to realize this dream.

Yusufu Rashid Sillah

Yusufu Rashid SillahMy name is Yusufu Rashid Sillah. I am living with my brothers and sisters. I have three brothers and sisters. I am a student of Schooling for Life. I lost my mother at the age of seven years and my grandmother this year. I am studying Information and Technology in the program. I want to be honest and reliable to people because with this quality I will be able to achieve many things in my life. Schooling for Life has Taught me a great experience in my life and they taught me how to become a good citizen in my country or community. Since I joined Schooling for Life, my life has positive change, because they brought happiness in my life.

Patrick Barber

Patrick BarberMy name is Patrick Barber and I am 22 years old. I am a sierra Leonean by Nationality, and a Mende by tribe. I am in the Schooling for Life scholarship programme and I am one of the I.T students. I want to study such course because it is very important in our daily lives, and it is more marketable anywhere in the world. I want a change in my life by becoming bold. That is, I want to be out spoken anywhere and anytime. I want to get out of Schooling for Life the best education. And also, after I finished my course, I want to get the best job to sustain my life and that of my family. I like all the three aspects of the programme, more especially the personal guidance. Because, it motivates me a lot and helps me to be hardworking.

Patrick Jusu Mambu

Patrick Jusu MambuMy name is Patrick Jusu Mambu. I am 23 years old. I am a mende by tribe and a Sierra Leonean. I am a student of the Schooling for Life Sierra Leone Foundation. I want to study IT. I would like to work after I have completed my studies. Schooling for Life has given me the opportunity to further my education and to add values to myself. I like all the three pillars in the programme especially the personal guidance. The personal guidance has done a lot in my life. It has directed my future in a proper and positive way. It has made me to correct the mistakes I was about to make. It teaches me about what it takes to be successful and what is expected of me in achieving my goals. Thank you very much for your support.

Senesie Conteh

Senesie ContehMy name is Senesie Conteh. I am twenty six years old. I am a student in Schooling for Life programme to study I.T. I thank God for Schooling for life to come to my rescue, because for the passed six year I was not able to do any concerning my education due to lack of support. Since the coming of this programme i found myself doing something which I love so much and I was praying for this opportunity. I personally, I am so glad and grateful for the positive change in my life. For instance schooling for life is teaching me to be responsible, how to live with different people, self acceptance and to be hardworking. And with all these, I believe by the end of the programme I would be proud of being a role model in my community or country as a whole. And I want to assure everybody that with Schooling for Life a better future is possible. And I will always be there to help and make others feel the same that all is not lost.