About us


Education stimulates self-development, increases self-reliance and fights poverty.
Every young person has the right to education and self-development to its fullest potential, in order to build a stable future for him/herself and eventually his/her society.


Schooling for Life aims to support young and talented Sierra Leonean youth in the fulfillment of their right to education and self-development.

Schooling for Life believes that every young person has the right to self-development. Having prospects on getting a job is an important part hereof. This is why Schooling for Life has created a unique programme to break the ongoing pattern wherein the youth of Sierra Leone are not able to find a job, despite the high demand for skilled vocational workers. With this programme, Schooling for Life aims to contribute to the economy and society of Sierra Leone.

The Schooling for Life Foundation was founded on 21 February 2012. The organisation is currently based in Den Haag, the Netherlands and mostly consists of volunteers. Every member of Schooling for Life has experience, professional or otherwise, in the position that they fulfil within the organisation. For more information on the staff, please click here.

Schooling for Life is in possession of the ANBI hallmark. This means that donations are tax deductable in the Netherlands.