Class of 2016-2017

Mohamed I. Kamara

My name is Mohamed I. Kamara. I am 20 years old. I am studying business management at IAMTECH University. I chose the path of human resource manager to build a career in. Schooling for life has improved my life in so many ways. Firstly, they have made me realise my potentials in society by sending me back to school. Secondly, they also create a change in my life. Before, it was difficult for me to calculate figures without a calculator, but now with the help of Schooling for Life, I can do it without using a calculator.

Mohamed S. Tarawally

My name is Mohamed S. Tarawally, I am 22 years old, studying Information and Technology in COBIT at Murray Town, and I am specialising in data base. I want to become a data base administrator. I chose to study IT because it was my dream since I was a kid. I have the passion for it and I am ready to make that dream come true.
Schooling for Life has created a lot of things in my life. Schooling for Life took me in as nobody with bad behaviour, but now they have made me somebody. Somebody that Sierra Leone and the whole world would see in the future. I am very comfortable with the scholarship that schooling for life offered me.

Christopher Marah

My name is Christopher Marah and I am 23 years old. My course of study is Information Technology (I.T). I chose to study information technology, I have the motivation for it. I had the aspiration to work with a computer since I was 10 years old. In addition, I want to make technology in Sierra Leone one of the best in the world.
I was a drop out, but Schooling for Life has raised my hope once again by sponsoring me and offering personal guidance and skills training. I have immensely improved in my academic work, behaviour and attitude towards people around me.

John N. Sesay

My name is John Njiala Sesay and I am 26 years old. I chose electrical and electronics engineering to improve technology because my country lacks better electricity programmes. I am happy to be at Schooling for Life because it has helped me to actualise my vision by exposing me to dream makers within the society like Madam Christine Sesay.

Mary Esther Mansaray

My name is Mary Esther Mansaray and I am 21 years old and I decided to study accounting because I want to improve on my future and tackle the problem of poverty. Schooling for Life has helped me to improve on my academic work especially mathematics and soft skills and also my behaviour.

Abdulai Kamara

My name is Abdulai Kamara. I am 26 years old and I decided to study social work because I want to help my community and the country as a whole.
As a student, Schooling for Life has improved my life so much based on my academic performance especially in the areas of Mathematics and soft skills which were very strange to me. And these courses have helped me too much in my daily life activities.

Aminata N’yara Kamara

Assistant Prefect
My name is Aminata N. Kamara. I am 24 years old and studying social work. I chose to do social work because I have passion for it and I love helping people. I am a first year student of Schooling for Life. Schooling for Life has impacted my life a lot. I have learnt what I have I never knew before, some of them are; time, respect, honesty etc. and I have improved my sayings like “Thank you, please excuse me and please can I make use of your pen.”
I believe that the future is going to be fine because with hard work, everything is possible at Schooling for Life.

Abu Bakarr Tarawally

My name is Abu Bakarr Tarawally. I am 23 years old studying Social Work. I want to help in safeguarding people’s life from harm and also help my country as a whole including various communities, to see that their lives and the lives of their children transform and develop by applying the skills I would have acquired after my studies.
My being in schooling for Life has given me the opportunity to further my education in M.M.C.E.T so that I will accomplish my dreams of helping my people and my community in and out of the country.

Mohamed Kamara Jr.

My name is Mohamed Kamara Jr. I am 24 years old. I chose to do Electrical and Electronics Engineering as a career because it has been my dream and ambition. Being in Schooling for Life has created a lot of impact in my life. At first I was using calculator to solve Mathematical problem, but I can now solve Mathematical problems without using calculators. And also with the help of Schooling for Life, I have developed a positive attitude towards fellow human and also improve on my interpersonal communications.

Henry S. Bassie

My name is Henry S. Bassie, I am 24 years old. I am studying Mechanical engineering at the Government Technical Institute (G.T.I). The main reason I am doing Mechanical Engineering is to become a good mechanical engineer.
Schooling for Life has done a lot in my life, but the most important things are as follows: Fulfilling my dream to be who I want to be in the future and creating a positive behavioural change in my life.

Zainab Bangura

My name is Zainab Bangura. I am 21 Years old. I am studying Business Management at IAMTECH. The reason I am studying Business Management is because I have passion for it and also deals with my career. Meanwhile, since the world we are living today is all about business, this motivated me to build my career in business.
The short time I have spent at Schooling for Life has been the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. Schooling for Life has helped improve my English speaking skill and made me stand out bold when talking.

Amara Bangura

My name is Amara Bangura. I am 22 years old. I am attending the Government Technical Institute (G.T.I) Freetown and I am studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Schooling for Life has made me a universal student within the world of commerce and science. Previously, I was a commerce student and only knew about accounting. Now I know about science as an engineering student. Also, in my previous studies, I did not have the basics in subjects like Maths and English. Now I know the roots of maths, and its knowledge given to me by the schooling for life Skills Training Classes. So I will like to say BRAVO to Schooling for Life!

Marie Sesay

My name is Marie Sesay and I am 25 years old. I am studying Banking and Finance. I am studying Banking and Finance because I have passion for it and I want to build my career in it.
Schooling for Life is my saviour, it has greatly improved my life by giving me this scholarship. If not for Schooling for life, I would have been out there doing nothing. Now I am busy with my studies, enjoying it, and soon I will be a graduate. Thanks to Schooling for Life and May God bless Madam Sjierly.