Class of 2019-2020

Rima Saffiatu Turay

My name is Rima Saffiatu Turay, a beneficiary of Schooling for Life studying Social Work at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Goderich campus year 1 of batch 4. My experience so far at Schooling for Life has been great. In addition to the scholarship provided, SFL is also giving me soft skills like communication, problem solving, time management etc which I have learnt in order for me to excel in the job market after graduation. I know by the end of this program I would become a good Social Worker.

Augustine Aiah Morsay

My name is Augustine Aiah Morsay, a beneficiary of Schooling for Life. I am studying Mechanical Engineering at GTI. My experience so far in Schooling for Life has been an amazing and helpful one. for instance, the training on employability skills such as problem-solving skills, communication skills, time management, team work, integrity and so on is helping me greatly in all aspect of my daily life. Moreover, at the end of the whole programme, I aimed at realizing and fulfilling my dreams and also give all I have learnt to society.

Florence Bonga

My name is Florence Bonga, a beneficiary of Schooling for Life and am studying Social Work at Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Goderich Campus. In these three months of being into Schooling for Life, I have experienced a lot of good things especially with my education and to know what is right and wrong behavior like for example integrity, honesty, time management and how to be pro active etc. I believe that all these qualities that Schooling for Life is impacting in us, at the end of the program we will be independent and also be good marketers and role models in society.

Jariatu Saffy Kamara

My name is Jariatu Saffy Kamara, a beneficiary of Schooling for Life and am pursuing Banking and Finance at the IAMTECH College. I want to start by the things I have benefitted from Schooling for Life. Am benefiting the knowledge you are giving to us by providing extra classes (skills class) for us, how to manage time, how to show respect for one and other in society. Schooling for Life also provide personal guidance which helps to guide us how to work positively. Finally, at the end of this programme I want to become an auditor and also a proud Schooling for Life student with integrity in the job market.

Sorie Sesay

I am Sorie Sesay a beneficiary of Schooling for Life, I am pursuing a course in electrical and electronic engineering at FLS Academy. I have gained a lot of experience at Schooling for Life for the past three months. Firstly, lectures in Schooling for Life skills classes encourage student’s active involvement in learning and build a sense of community in the classroom and work together as a team/family by helping one another. We are also taught to do presentations, give feedback, be proactive, manage time, problems solving and decision making, etc in SFL. After completing my programme in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I would like to get a job that will take care of me and my family, be an independent person, rendering help in community services and the country as a whole.

Aruna Bangura

My name is Aruna Bangura, a beneficiary of Schooling for Life. I am doing Soft Ware Engineering at Bluecrest College. My experience being in Schooling for Life has helped greatly in my day to day activities. Schooling for Life has helped me to be very accurate in dealing with time management, taking up responsibilities as a class prefect, enable me to have knowledge in skills classes encouraging me to adopt the mindset of integrity and taking essential priorities. Schooling for Life has also nurture me to be assertive and discourage the ability of procrastination.