It is impossible for us to achieve our goals without the support of people who believe in our programme. We want to thank the following sponsors for supporting us financially and otherwise.

If you feel inspired by our story and our programme and you want to become a sponsor, private or corporate, please contact us at: info@schoolingforlife.net. We would be happy to meet you and have a personal introduction.

Social Capital Foundation is a Dutch non-profit foundation of engaged philanthropists that aim to reduce global poverty and inequality in a sustainable manner through the creation of opportunities and to encourage self-reliance for individuals and communities in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation does so in cooperation with other organisations that pursue the same objectives.

SCF believes in the indomitable human spirit, that people when afforded the opportunity, will diligently employ creativity and resourcefulness in working to improve their lives and that of their families. Therefore, for SCF the most effective mean of reducing global poverty and inequality is through opportunity creation.

SCF engages with communities through carefully vetted, sustainable partner organizations in which it makes strategic investments of time and resources – striving to create long term impact through, well documented market- based solutions.”

Latoer Foundation stands for enabling education for anyone who wants it and creating the right circumstances for this education. A lot of children and young adults find themselves in situations that offer fewer prospect of a hopeful future. We want to help these children and grown-ups in deprived situations to provide a perspective on their future. We support charities that fit our vision and those who help to make our environment a better place. We support Schooling for Life, because of their well thought out vision and our feeling that Schooling for Life can give young people the opportunity to have a future.

Africell Sierra Leone started operations in 2005 and has grown to become the biggest network with 64% market share by end of 2014. Aside from the growth in the subscriber base, Africell Sierra Leone’s major success was in winning the hearts and minds of the people in record time and to become an inherent part of the Sierra Leonean society.
Africell is excited to be collaborating with Schooling for Life to give talented and motivated youths in Sierra Leone the tools to build a successful future.

Africell believes, without doubt, that a nation’s economic strength is ultimately a function of the quality of its Human Resource base and a major tool in building a high quality human resource is relevant quality education.
Numerous reports and statistical data continue to point to the drop in the quality of education in the country; this explains Africell’s excitement to be involved in projects like this to stimulate the drive for educational excellence and creativity among students.

Africell is supporting Schooling for Life by providing the space for the training to guarantee a stimulating learning environment for the students in the programme and the necessary media support to expand the outreach of the programme.

Improving the quality of life in the world. That is what MWH4impact wants to use its resources and talents for.
Since 2007, MWH4impact has been doing this by developing its own activities and setting up its own businesses. In addition, MWH4impact uses its capacity to support people who and organisations that are committed to social causes.

Anonymous donors

We have several foundations who support us and choose to remain anonymous.