Employability skills training

Schooling for Life believes that offering merely formal vocational education is insufficient to prepare students for a successful future. Skills such as communication skills and work ethics are underrepresented in formal education. Professional knowledge is not enough to succeed in life. It is also important to know how to communicate, how to behave and how to make use of the knowledge acquired during education. Therefore, Schooling for Life offers a wide range of social and practical skills training activities.

The programme of Schooling for Life pays attention to both hard skills (English, math, computer skills) and soft skills (time management, communication, social skills and work ethics).

Furthermore, Schooling for Life aims to invite national and international professionals for (a short series of) master classes, to offer the students as much information from different backgrounds as possible. The professionals will offer classes in their own field of expertise. They will function as role models and, as such, motivate the students to reach their goals.

The combination of professional knowledge gained through formal education, and social and practical skills gained through the Schooling for Life life and skills training programme, is powerful. It will enable the students to succeed in life after school; in both professional and social situations.