Laptop donations

Do you want to help educate and empower young people in Sierra Leone by donating a laptop?


Why is Schooling for Life looking for laptop donations?
We want to educate and empower young people in Sierra Leone. Learning how to use a computer is an important part of this.

Why is Schooling for Life looking for laptops instead of desktops?
Laptops are compact devices. This means that we can store them easily, without using a lot of space. And we can move them easily, if necessary. More important is the fact that electricity supply isn’t always reliable in Sierra Leone. Laptops provided with a battery will keep on running for a long period of time, so our students can keep on studying, not depending on the supply of electricity.

What sort of laptops is Schooling for Life looking for?
Most of all; laptops in good condition and a proper functioning battery, running on Windows 7 or higher, as this is commonly used in Sierra Leone. A laptop provided with Microsoft office (2007 and up) and anti-virus software would be perfect, so we don’t have to install this anymore.

How many laptops does Schooling for Life need?
To get our current students the education they need, to become an empowered generation, we need about 15 laptops.

How can I donate my laptop?
If you are living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, we would be very happy if you can deliver the laptop to our office at 16 Adelaide Street.

If you are living in the Netherlands, you can contact us to let us know where you live and then we will let you know where to find your closest drop off point.

Please send an email to and we will take care of your laptop, and make sure it gets a second life as a study device in Sierra Leone.

What if I would like to contribute, but I have no laptop?
Off course you will make us happy with any donation, so we can buy our laptops or Office programmes for our students ourselves.

If you would like to make such a donation, please use the donation page and state laptop donation in the reference.